Artist’s Bio

When he’s not daydreaming of global peace, ending world hunger, or fighting crime as a caped crusader, Baird Hoffmire is an animator, illustrator, graphic designer and exhibiting artist. He resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his beautiful wife, Jane, and his equally lovely daughters, Sadie and Harper. With a BFA in Illustration from Western Carolina University and a BFA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Baird has been making a living as an artist since 2003.


 Artist’s Statement

I've always found stories and storytelling fulfilling. I'm inspired by how social commentary and observations about the world we inhabit can be coded into symbols, both in obvious and subtle ways. My own work is often elements from memory, emotion, and old family photos combined with my influences from comic books, pop culture, and current events. By attempting to balance wit and humor with sensitive subject matter, I hope to weave a narrativethat is accessible and evocative to the viewer.